June 24, 2021

Mark Foggo - A Legendary Musician!

Who’s Mark Foggo?

Mark Foggo is one of the famous musicians born and brought up in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. Currently, he’s staying in Eindhoven, Holland. He is a Ska musician who started his music career in 1979 and is performing well even today. Ska refers to a music genre introduced in Jamaica during the late 1950s that combined musical factors of American jazz, rhythm and blues, Calypso, and Caribbean Mento. He mainly uses instruments such as guitar and vocals.

Early Life of Mark Foggo:

Mark Foggo was a passionate man since childhood. He started playing music when he was fourteen years old by creating music around the London pub circuit, which means he has been serving as a musician for thirty years.
He juggled between taking up small jobs when there was a shortage of money and practicing music on the other side.
He is indeed a live example from whom we can learn that success comes to those who struggle and are passionate enough in their lives.

Mark Foggo

Career Path of Mark Foggo:

He started his music career in 1979 in Amsterdam, Europe, because of his unique post-2-tone ska. 2-tone ska refers to a music genre that is mixed with traditional and wave music elements. The tone became famous in 1987 when he launched his band called ‘Mark Foggo’s Skasters.’ The renowned punk and ska bands such as ‘The Specials,’ also called ‘The Special AKA’ and ‘The Beat,’ also called ‘The English Beat’ inspired him to start his band.
He released his first single in 1970, known as ‘New Shoes.’ After that, they released many other albums which became popular such as ‘Speeding my life away,’ ‘A state of mind,’ ‘ Weapons and Guitars,’ etc. After that, he released his songs and albums and promoted other ska bands to support and encourage them.

Mark Foggo


Mark Foggo was a worldwide famous personality who had been on different tours all over the world. The man with the band travels most of the tours in Europe and often visits Japan. However, his visit to the Netherlands and Germany is persistent because of the support for ska in those countries. After getting the label, releasing the songs eventually became more, and then the tours started to increase, so did their popularity. Skarsters are touring and entertaining the people even today, after all these years. They genuinely are determined and enjoying being on the musical field all day.


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