August 18, 2021

The musical career of Mark Foggo


Foggo began his music career in Amsterdam in 1979 and became a well-known figure in Europe's post-2-tone ska scene. He is most notable with his band called Mark Foggo's Skasters, which was formed in 1987. Foggo became famous because his music, which describes the modern, non-influenced, bizarre, is characterized by his darkly comic lyricism, manic and stage personality, and observational quality.

Starting his professional career

Foggo relocated to Amsterdam in 1979. At this time, he got to know ska music through the popularity of it in 2-tone bands. The Specials and The Beat are popular among them inspired him to start his own ska band. He named it The Secret meeting. After the first release of the song "New shoes" independently, the band signed to Polyfor Records in 1980. Re-releasing it to get eventual success in the Netherlands and then LP, Speeding My Life Away and his Europe touring began.

The musical career of Mark Foggo

Mark Foggo's Skasters

Foggo started his own notable band called Foggo's Saksters in 1987, making the audience clear about the type of music they are going to play. In 1989, Ska Pig was a great success in the Netherlands and Germany which are the cities known for the classic of the ska genre. The Skasters didn't stop after a success cause that's what successful people do. They continue their tours all over Europe and record prolifically on many labels. In 1990, he found his own label called Skanky'Lil to release his own music and started to promote new upcoming ska bands like The Hotknives and Skarface.


Foggo started The babyshakers, a project that is mixed with ska and rock and roll. They recorded an album called Shake the Baby which featured several tracks on his, which eventually became an oak of Skaster's repertoire.

V2 Records

Foggo signed to V2 Records in 2010 to release the album Mad. It was released later that year. Even in 2011, Foggo went on his tours and continued performing in different cities and countries, restlessly featuring Alongside Foggo, a rotating roster of backing musicians, saxophonist Paul Berding still remains as the original members of Skasters. Foggo frequently toured the European countries, especially the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.
The band usually toured to Japan when outside Europe.

The band is continuing to perform and entertain millions of people all around the world without breaks.


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