Mark Foggo
MARK FOGGO makes fast, loud, high energy feel-good ska music. Mark Foggo started out at just 14 years old and he has toured the world countless times delighting his fans with his unique fast, exciting and electrifying performances. His newest release 'Live at Fiesta La Mass’ (recorded In France) has proven to be just as passionate and energetic as ever! In many ways this release sees him coming full circle, demonstrating that while trends and times have changed, Mark Foggo's commitment to playing dynamic music has only grown stronger!

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MARK FOGGO makes fast, loud ,high energy feel-good music and is one of the planet's best known names in SKA music, The fast, catchy songs and electrifying performance are well known by audiences worldwide
Mark Foggo started his career at 14 years old by playing around the London pub circuit, supporting himself with live pub gigs and the occasional solo performance. Nothing could break his determination to succeed in music, often taking odd jobs when the money ran out. Mark wrote and recorded his first single ‘New Shoes’ and when it grabbed the attention of Polydor Records, they offered him a contract . Through Polydor he released his first full-length album ‘Speeding My Life Away’.

Once Seen ,
Never Forgotten!

Mark Foggo's eighth studio album, MAD, is stellar from start to finish--and crammed with instantly memorable, aggressively fast, minor-key tunes that create an unusual amount of claustrophobic tension for a ska record.
His rhythm section is atomic-clock precise; the guitar and keyboard lines are gleefully frenetic; the horns deliver their goods like Muhammad Ali (landing their musical "blows" before your brain can process that they hit you).

Once Seen ,
Never Forgotten!

The band seems to be always operating at maximum efficiency, so much so that you can practically hear the sweat dripping off the musicians. All of this is topped off by the uninhibited, larger-than-life, and always entertaining antics of Mark Foggo himself.

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  • The best band to ever exist, in my opinion. They carry their music so well; it never fails to surprise me.

    Dennis M Peterson

    I have always been a huge fan of Mark Fogo ever since I first listened to their songs.

    Victoria M Hasegawa

    It is always an honor to see professionals showing their natural talent to their audience.

    Charles T Olson

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